Questions about HotRoute.Tips

Will my membership automatically charge me?

Monthly Memberships are set to AUTO RENEW each month. In order to toggle the membership to Manual Renew, go to your subscriptions and CLICK VIEW on your subscription purchase:

Yearly Memberships are NOT set to Auto Renew.

What comes with a hot route membership?

Our membership includes full access to all Pro Schemes. You do not need to individually purchase the schemes if you are a member! Hot Route members also receive access to our exclusive Inner Circle Facebook group.


How do I join the Facebook group after I purchase a membership?

You can request access with a link you can find on the “Members” page. You receive access to this page after purchasing a membership.

How do I purchase a Hot Route membership?

You can purchase a membership by clicking the link below (Note: Monthly Memberships are initially set to AUTO RENEW while Annual Memberships are not:

What all is included in the Hot Route membership?

A Hot Route membership gives access to every E-book and Mini Scheme that is available on the site. It also offers access to our exclusive Hot Route Facebook group. All of our available schemes can be see on on our “Pro Schemes” page.

If I purchase an Ebook or Membership, how long does it take to gain access to the content? Where can I find the content?

Access is granted to all of the Hot Route content immediately after payment. Members can find their content on the “Members” page. If you just purchased an individual E-book, that can be found by going to “My Account” then “Memberships.”

How do I access my Pro Schemes after individual purchase?

If you purchase an individual Pro Scheme, you can access it by going to My Account and then Memberships. 

If you’re a Hot Route member, you can access all of your Pro Schemes in the Members tab.

What people ask

How do I get better at Madden?

Start getting better today with our pre-launch sale or for FREE on August 2nd: Hot Route is the best place for Madden tips and guides, whether you are brand new to the game or have been involved in the community for years. Our exclusive schemes from proven professionals are guaranteed to help you step up your game.

Do you offer free Madden tips?

Sparingly, we will offer free tips which can be found on K-Aus and Throne’s respective YouTube channels. Otherwise, all tips are paid through the site.

What are the best playbooks in madden 20?

The best playbooks in Madden 20 is subject to change since it is so early in the year. However, during the Madden 20 beta we loved West Coast, Atlanta Falcons, New England Patriots, Arizona Cardinals, and Oakland Raiders.

What are the best teams in Madden 20?

Madden 20 is one of the first years that allows for many top tier teams. The New England Patriots, San Francisco 49ers, Los Angeles Chargers, Cleveland Browns, Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia Eagles and the Houston Texans are all great teams in Madden 20.

Dates & Details

Throughout the year we will be having important Scheme releases by our Pros.  Scheduled Pro Scheme releases and livestreams throughout the year will all be listed in this section. Early in the year, the Pro Schemes will be without official dates due to uncertainty of completion but you can expect a minimum of 5 schemes throughout the month of August. Furthermore, any planned sales we will be having on the site will also be listed in this dates section in addition to our Twitter. Make sure you follow our official Twitter @HotRouteTips and check back here periodically so you do not miss anything!


See the dates for what releases and updates we have done so far!


Kaus: Chargers Trips TE eBook


K-Aus/Throne: 46 Defensive eBook

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