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K-Aus Los Angeles Chargers Offensive Scheme

K-Aus Chargers Offense

The Hot Route Team is excited to bring you our Los Angeles Chargers Offense as our first official scheme of the year! It is very versatile in what it can do. Read below for some of what the scheme contains:

  • 2+ Hours of footage across 29 video breakdowns
  • Man & Zone Beating Concepts
  • One Play TDs
  • Various Audibles & Run Plays

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Current Hot Route Pro Schemes Available for All Members:

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K-Aus Chargers / Raiders Offense

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Our Team



Co-Owner & Hot Route Pro

Kent Auslander is widely known as one of the top pro Madden players in the world. His great attention to detail has helped him make many deep tournament runs over the past few years, including:

  • Philly Madden Challenge Champ
  • Madden Classic Live Event Finalist
  • Madden Ultimate League Top 16


Co-Owner & Hot Route Influencer

Taylor Throne is consistently a top Weekend League player and is known for his innovative defense. He will be bringing unique schemes and tips on how to beat the Weekend League meta.

Throne made a name for himself  in the community by growing his own YouTube channel, which features high-level gameplay. He’s since transitioned over to the competitive scene for Madden 20.



Hot Route Influencer

Zirksee is one of the fastest-growing YouTubers in the Madden community. He’s made a name for himself by uploading daily Madden news content. Now Zirksee has been transitioning toward uploading more gameplay, where he’ll be running our Hot Route Pro Schemes for all of Madden 20.

Joel CP

Joel CP

Hot Route Pro

Joel CP, also known as the Tight Flex Master, is a proven elite Madden Player year in and year out. In addition to being one of the fiercest competitors in the community, Joel has had great success in the MCS Era by finishing Top 12 in the Madden Ultimate League, making it to the Live Finals of the Madden Challenge, and being crowned the Virginia Madden Challenger Champion.



Hot Route Pro

Spoto has made a huge name for himself in the Madden Community, not just for his Live Event energy, but also for being a superb defensive mind. He consistently is one step ahead of his opponent, which helped him finish the 2019 MCS Season as the Madden Bowl Runner-Up. Spoto is also the reigning Colts Club Champion and has made four total live events in his year and a half of eligibility.



Hot Route Pro

Dntcareaboutice is always innovative when it comes to combining the meta with his own twists, which makes him one of the best offensive Madden players in the world. The mindset he brings to offense has helped him become the 2x New York Jets Club Champion. That same mindset will help you dominate in Madden 20.



Hot Route Pro/Influencer

KMaC is one of the fastest-growing Twitch Pros in the Madden community due to his recent domination in Madden 20. He has been a trendsetter the past two years when it came to defense. First he popularized the Big Nickel Over G, followed by the 5-2, and now this year is creating a new meta with Quarters 3 Deep. He was the Club Runner Up in the Arizona Cardinals Club last year and is looking to build off that for a great year in Madden 20!