Throne’s New York Jets Offense


Jets Offensive Playbook:


This New York Jets Offense has allowed me to feel the most powerful I’ve ever felt on O. No longer do I have to “guess” what coverage my opponent is in, its simple route combinations allow me to beat almost all coverages at once. Bunch TE has unique corner routes and crossing patterns that you can’t find in other formations, and with the addition of just one route specialist receiver your offense can be one of the most lethal in the game.

This offense will be focusing on gaining large chunks each play, rather than most offenses that focus on dumping it down low to open up over top. The unique combination of quick crossing patterns and corners from each side of the Bunch TE allow us to dot up any coverage over top and along the sidelines. As long as we have enough time in the pocket, we can get someone open for a 20+ yard gain. 

Bunch TE also has a lethal shotgun run game that allows you to dictate to your opponent what defenses they can play. If they can’t stop the draw or the inside zone, they’ll be in for a long day. We also cover a wide variety of coverage beaters that are guaranteed one play touchdowns if your opponent is caught sleeping. Enjoy this powerful Jets Gun Bunch TE scheme by Throne!

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