Throne/K-Aus Dolphins Defensive Scheme


Dolphins Defensive Playbook:


This Miami Dolphins Defensive Pro Scheme by Throne and K-Aus features a full breakdown of the Big Nickel Over G formation. This non-meta defensive formation can be found in every single defensive playbook in Madden 20. It’s also great against shotgun and most singleback formations. As for iform, strong, and weak run-heavy meta formations we have some of the best run defense in the game out of 34 odd or 34 bear, whichever you prefer. Since Miami Dolphins defense has big dime 146 we’ve included a few of the meta blitzes from our NYJ Defensive ebook, which are still some of the best blitzes in the game. Using Dolphins, instead of Jets, also leaves us open to big updates because of the playbook updates that have left this book STACKED.

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