K-Aus’ Multiple Defense PB Defensive Scheme

NEXT GEN ONLY (Xbox Series S/X or PlayStation 5)


Multiple Defense PB Defensive Scheme


***NOTE 1: This eBook is for Madden 22 NEXT GEN ONLY (Xbox Series S/X or PlayStation 5)


***NOTE 2: Please do KEEP IN MIND that the Man to Man style of Defense – which is what I use because it is my favorite of the 2 styles of Defense in this Scheme – is much more suited for Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) than it is for Regular Teams. You also will need TOP TIER, HIGH SPEED Cornerbacks & Safeties for it to be effective. So, if you are playing Regular Teams, or are playing MUT but don’t have the BEST DBs, I would recommend the Zone Coverage style. The Zone Coverage style should still work well in either mode and with a wider range of players on your Defense.***

This Defensive Scheme offers multiple different strategies for playing Defense in Madden 22. It is based on two Defensive formations out of the Multiple Defense Alternate Playbook: Nickel 335 Wide & Dollar 326. This Scheme presents you with the option to play a heavy Man to Man Defense if you like that style or a heavy Zone Coverage Defense if that is the style you prefer.

In addition to being able to choose which style you would like to play, this Scheme also has blitzes out of both formations (Nickel 335 Wide and Dollar) that can potentially force your opponent into mistakes. We hope that this Multiple Playbook Defensive Scheme can help take your Madden game to the next level!

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