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Why the Cincinnati Bengals Playbook?

It contains five very powerful defensive formations.

1. 335 Normal (Balanced Pass Defense)

2. 43 Normal (Balanced Defense)

3. Big Nickel Over G (Pass Coverage Defense)

4. Nickel Normal (Aggressive Pass Defense)

5. 46 Normal (Balanced Defense

KWs Awesome Scheme


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The West Coast offense is the most complete offensive scheme that I have ever created. It can attack every part of the field in so many different ways, with various route combinations. It offers corner routes, post routes, crossing routes, and much more that other offenses could not dream of. Finally, it torches Cover 0 preventing anyone from just spamming you with bad press man blitzes. I firmly believe that this offense will help any player take their game to the next level and achieve great success vs any opponent they play.

In order to be successful offensively, an offensive scheme obviously needs to be able to attack different parts of the field. It also needs to be able to max protect and send 5 receivers out to be able to take advantage of heavy blitzers or heavy coverage players. Gun Bunch is one of the few offenses that can successfully do that with valid route options for the HB as well as the ability to block a Tight End on the opposite side.

As of right now, the passing plays are strictly from Gun Bunch Wk while offering solid run plays and red zone plays as support. Throughout the year, I will be adding to the book to help expand the offense. However, at the moment I feel so comfortable going against anything out of Gun Bunch that I rarely ever leave it. I feel once you guys try it, you will feel the same way. Enjoy!

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