K-Aus Miami Dolphins Offense


Dolphins Offensive Playbook



The Miami Dolphins have one of the most BALANCED offensive playbooks in all of Madden 20. It is important this year to have the ability to run the ball as well as pass it when need be. The issue with most playbooks is that you either end up being run heavy, or you end up being pass heavy. Miami allows you to pass the ball explosively out of Split Close while also allowing the option to audible down to various I-Formations to pound the rock on opponents who come out in weak sets (i.e. Dime, Dollar, etc.). The route combos in Split Close also are extremely effective versus man and match defenses. Instead of forcing you to use certain plays vs match or man, you can use the same normal setups that you always do and still have success.

Miami’s offensive playbook is almost identical to New England’s offensive playbook. The only benefit that Miami offers over it is the I-Form Slot formation, which I find to be very powerful as an audible for Split Close. In addition to having I-Slot, it also still offers Gun Trips TE and Gun Bunch just like New England does. There is so much available to you if you ever have to leave Split Close [You probably NEVER will :)]

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