K-Aus’ 46 Playbook Defensive Scheme


46 Alternate Defensive Playbook


This Defensive Scheme out of the 46 Alternate Playbook features a full breakdown of the Nickel 335 and Big Nickel Over G formations as well as a disengage defense out of 34 Bear. The current defensive meta in Madden 21 is heavily based around great coverage. Both Nickel 335 and Big Nickel Over G offer great coverage and have a variety of adjustments that can be made to make passing the ball difficult. The offensive meta to counter heavy pass coverage is to send 5 players out very often and because of that, they can be susceptible to well-timed blitzes. Nickel 335 and Big Nickel Over G both offer blitzes that when used TIMELY can catch your opponent off guard and get you key sacks. The 34 Bear can also be a mix in with coverage to get pressure on the QB with only sending 3 people.

Nickel 335 and Big Nickel Over G are both able to stop the run as well, which is also pretty important for Madden 21. As it is difficult to pass the ball on heavy coverage at times, the run is an important component of the offense for many players and being able to stop that is huge for the defense. All in all, I  believe this defensive scheme can be effectiving in both, stopping the run and the pass in Madden 21!

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