K-Aus’ Steelers Defensive eBook

OLDER GEN ONLY (Xbox 1 or PlayStation 4)


Steelers Defensive eBook


***NOTE: Please do KEEP IN MIND that the Man to Man style of Defense broken down in this eBook is much more suited for Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) than it is for Regular Teams (And was only TESTED IN MUT though it may work somewhat in Regular Teams). You also will need TOP TIER, HIGH SPEED Cornerbacks & Safeties with abilities for it to be effective. So, if you are playing Regular Teams, or are playing MUT but don’t have the BEST Cornerbacks & Safeties, then it may not be that effective. I only go over Man Coverage and adjustments that can be made from that. The reason for that is I have not really used Zone Coverage and haven’t tested it, outside of using Zones with Man Coverage as SUPPLEMENTARY. Man Coverage seems to be the most effective Defense on Madden 22 Older Gen (Xbox 1 & PlayStation 4).

This Defensive Scheme was given to us by a Pro Madden Player named NeeNee and this is what he was running in Madden 21 Current Gen – And it is still very good in Madden 22 Older Gen. The Scheme is based on the Nickel 155 Double A Gap, which can only be found in the Pittsburgh Steelers Defensive Playbook. Everything should work very similarly out of the Nickel 245 Double A Gap, which can be found in several different playbooks if you prefer to use a different book, but it may not be quite as effective due to different personnel (It MUST be the 245 version of Double A Gap though for it to be like the 155 in my opinion – I DO NOT receommend regular Nickel Double A Gap because it has 4 down D-Linemen). Again, PLEASE NOTE: This Scheme is VERY HEAVILY BASED on MAN COVERAGE.

This Defense offers you a Scheme that has a great blitz and has the capability to play great coverage to go with it. We hope that this Steelers Defensive Scheme can help take your Madden game to the next level!

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