K-Aus Seahawks – Gun Bunch Offensive Scheme (Old Gen Only – XB1 & PS4)


Seahawks Offensive Playbook


NOTE: This eBook is ONLY for OLD GEN (Xbox 1 & PS4). It will not work NEARLY the same way on the Next Gen Madden 21. Also, the eBook focuses specifically on the Gun Bunch formation out of the Seattle Seahwaks Playbook – It is also HIGHLY recommended that you have Hot Route Master and Gunslinger (Set Feet Lead or Pass Lead Elite are both usable instead of Gunslinger). If you cannot get these abilities, then the scheme will not work the same and it likely won’t be that effective for you, so I don’t recommend buying it if you can’t get them. 

NOTE 2: This eBook is also SPECIFICALLY made for Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) with really high OVR players (96 OVR or higher). It can work with lower OVR in some places such as O-Line or your Runningback but it may not be as effective. It will work pretty well in Regular Teams if you can use the Tampa Bay Buccaneers OR play in a Connected Franchise (CFM) that allows you to get Hot Route Master and Gunslinger (or Set Feet Lead or Pass Lead Elite – Tom Brady has Set Feet Lead in Regular Teams along with Hot Route Master).

Gun Bunch (including Gun Bunch Offset) is one of the best formations for passing the ball this year, like most years in the recent past. There are many different playbooks that have really good Gunch Bunches with a lot of good plays (such as Jacksonville’s Gun Bunch Offset that Throne made an eBook for). However, my personal favorite is the Seattle Seahawks Offense because it has plays that can’t be found all together in any other Gun Bunch playbooks. I really like the unique things that you can do out of the Seattle Seahawks Gun Bunch.

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