K-Aus’ Los Angeles Chargers – Gun Trips TE Offense


Chargers Offensive Playbook


NOTE: This Scheme is based around the Gun Trips TE, which is in multiple playbooks this year (Raiders, Chargers, Bills, Browns, Dolphins, Patriots, Vikings, and Run n Gun). However, Raiders & Chargers are the only ones with all of the pass plays from it that we like. AT the moment, I am currently using the Raiders Playbook  instead of the Chargers Playbook but I cover unique parts of each playbook that I like in this Scheme.

NOTE 2: This scheme will be setup under the assumption that you have a TE Apprentice for the extra routes. That is the only ability that I HIGHLY recommend and almost require. SEE MISCELLANEOUS for my other recommended abilities.

The Gun Trips TE is very powerful this year. The alignment and route options that it provides allows you to attack man coverage and zone coverage extremely well. It is also versatile, in that, it can be effective throwing the ball short for quick dots as well as down field for big gains. Gun Trips TE has everything you are going to need in an offense from coverage beaters, man/zone concepts, and some run plays to go along with it.

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