K-Aus’ Bengals Offensive eBook

NEXT GEN ONLY (Xbox Series S/X or PlayStation 5)


Bengals Offensive eBook


***NOTE: This eBook is for Madden 22 NEXT GEN ONLY (Xbox Series S/X or PlayStation 5)



  • ***IMPORTANT: There are no abilities in this eBook that are ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY. Therefore, most of it should work with Regular Teams in addition to being effective in MUT. However, there are some abilities that are HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED though such as: Pass Lead Elite (OR Gunslinger OR Set Feet Lead), Hot Route Master (or Backfield Master/RB Apprentice, TE Apprentice, Slot Apprentices, and Outside Apprentice). None of these are ABSOLUTELY required though. Some of the deeper passes may not work as well without Pass Lead Elite (OR Gunslinger OR Set Feet Lead) and you will likely have to tweak or change some of the route combos on some plays if you don’t have Hot Route Master or the needed Apprentices. So, if you use a team without them or cannot get them in a CFM, then it should still somewhat work but it may not be as effective. Again though, there will just be some plays that will not work properly without Slot Apprentice or without Outside Apprentice (A LOT of the plays do not require these extra Hot Routes from Apprentices though, but some do)
  • The Bengals Playbook has a lot to offer with the primary formation of this eBook, the Gun Tight Slots HB Wk. We were given this Tight Slots HB Wk scheme by Gos, the Competitve Madden player who has had a lot of success over the past years in Madden. It is one of the best passing formations in the game this year and I have had a ton of fun running it! There is no other playbook that offers the plays from Gun Tight Slots HB Wk that the Bengals Playbook offers. This formation in the Bengals Playbook, allows you to attack short, medium, and deep, along with the ability to audible to another powerful formation in Gun Bunch Offset. Their version of Gun Bunch Offset has good passing plays in it as well (The plays within the formation vary from playbook to playbook). This eBook will include some older setups & videos that I used in the Panthers eBook for the Gun Bunch Offset as well, for if you like to audible. Again, I have loved using this playbook and I hope you will too!

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