K-AUS 46 Defensive eBook

Welcome to the 46 Defensive eBook for Madden 23! This eBook will be in TWO PARTS:

  • Part 1¬†features Nickel 33 Cub, which was a Defense given to us by Rage, who was a Top 8 Finalist for the MCS Thanksgiving Tournament – It also features Nickel Over which can be compatible with Nickel 33 Cub Abilities or Dime Normal Abilities
  • Part 2 features Dime Normal which was given to us by a Competitive Madden Player, named Gos and I think it is a Scheme you all will like.


  • PART 1: Nickel 33 Cub & Nickel Over
    • A Coverage Defense that is really effective out of Nickel 33 Cub
    • A Blitz that can throw your opponent off who is trying to counter that Coverage Defense from 33 Cub
    • A Blitz & Blockshed Defense out of Nickel Over that is compatible with either the Abilities from Nickel 33 Cub or the Abilities from Dime Normal (Depending on which way you choose)
  • PART 2: Dime Normal
    • A Blockshed Defense that can shed VERY QUICKLY
    • Zone Coverage Blitzing Concepts
    • Man Coverage Blitzing Concepts
    • 5-6 Player Blitzes out of Zone Coverage & Man Coverage
    • Coverage Adjustment Suggestions
    • Run Defense vs Shotgun
    • Run Defense vs Undercenter out of Dime Normal & An Undercenter Run D Option out of Nickel Over